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Little secret….I used to work as a book reviewer for RomanticTimes book reviews. I loved it! Getting paid to read romance novels was kind of awesome and not something that I readily shared with others. People judge you when you read (and enjoy) romance novels. Hell, I wrote a few and published them so the secret is out.

At any rate, I also love to read and one of my passions, besides bodice rippers, is health and nutrition. Hey, a woman can have lots of interests and sides to her personality, right?

I literally have a foot tall stack of nutrition and fitness books on my desk that I just can’t wait to read and at the top of the pile was Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf. As I finish each book, I’ll post a review here for you. That way you can spend your money on books that fit your needs, goals, and interests and skip the ones that don’t.

I will admit that reviewing a non-fiction book is much different than reviewing a romance novel, I hope that my insights will help you as you browse the never-ending supply of diet and lifestyle books available online and at your bookstores. Many of them are pseudoscience junk. Some are great.

So let’s get to Wired to Eat!

The Renegade Nurse Reviews “Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You”

by Robb Wolf

Wired to Eat isn’t your every day diet book. I picked it up because I’m a health coach that focuses on the Primal and Paleo lifestyle and Robb Wolf is a proven expert in the field. I’ve enjoyed listening to his podcasts as I drive from patient to patient as a home care nurse and I wanted to learn more about him and his approach. (and because I’m a health nerd and he provides real data from legit scientific studies to back up his statements and process.)

While Robb is a true-blue data geek who knows more about our body’s processes than most doctors, he writes in an approachable and easily digestible (pun intended) manner. Anyone who is interested in improving their health and wants to learn more about what Paleo really is, would be able to both understand and enjoy Robb’s writing style as well as the book’s structure.

The book walks readers through three key concepts before diving into the how to portion.

  1. Why we’re, as a civilization, getting fatter and why it’s not about being good or bad, but rather it’s because we’re designed by our evolution to behave the way we’re behaving – over consuming and sitting around. He explains why we’re “Wired to Eat”
  2. Why the Paleo nutrition approach works.
  3. What he means by “Personalized nutrition”

What I loved…

First, as a woman and a human and a coach and a mom to two young women, I really loved that Robb removed morality from food and he did so with intention.

“You cannot “cheat” with food. 

You “eat” food.

There are consequences to what we put down our pie hole

That’s it.

If you have established a pattern (consciously or unconsciously) of moralizing the food you eat, you are likely going to have a rough time with this change.”

pg 139 Kindle Edition

Amen! Hallelujah! And a wholehearted Fuck Yeah!

Food is food. You’re not bad, good, or otherwise when you eat it.

He also spends some time discussing the whys and hows of “Personalized nutrition.” Personalized nutrition as an approach is empowering. And, in my opinion, that’s really what matters when you’re trying to help someone improve their health and lifestyle. It’s about providing someone with the information that they need in a way that isn’t judgy or dogmatic so that they feel they’re able to take what they can manage at the time and what is appropriate for them and apply it to their life.

This brings me to the second part of Wired to Eat.

This is where Robb lays out the how. How to reset for weight loss and essentially change how you eat. He makes it super simple with his matrix for anyone to enjoy their food while losing weight and improving their health. After the 30-day reset, there’s a 7-day carb test. I can’t wait to dig into the 7-day carb test. I’ll let you know when I do and what the results are.

What I didn’t connect with

I actually thought the entire book was valuable and appreciated all of it. That being said…I’ve been eating paleo for years. Like Robb, I had severe digestive issues, migraines, and acne as a kid. With a family history of Crohn’s and Dementia, I’d been looking for solutions for years. I found Paleo and never looked back. No more digestive issues (as long as I don’t accidentally ingest something I was allergic to) no more acne, no more migraines and fingers crossed…no dementia in my future.

At any rate, I did skip much of the meal planning and 30-day reset information. I read what I felt might be useful for my clients and then skipped to the part that I was intrigued by – the 7-day carb test. Get the book to see what that is and why it’s such a cool, and powerful, approach.

Why I Recommend and What this Book Means to you

Robb’s approach and voice are near perfect. As a writer and a health coach, I’m truly impressed by the sincerity and attention paid to creating this book. There are books that you donate, or delete from your ereader, and there are those that you keep out in your home, flip through occasionally, share with others, and basically covet. Wired to Eat is a keeper.

I am a Certified Primal Health Coach and a Registered Nurse who has been eating paleo for more than 6 years. I know that this approach works, and I know why, and I found myself not only really enjoying Robb’s warm and enjoyable writing style, I was highlighting sections because his wisdom is just that good. Readers will appreciate how approachable the book is both in form and content.

Whether you’ve been paleo/pseudo paleo for years or you want to try Paleo and do it the healthy way, Wired to Eat is informative, entertaining, and lays out a practical approach to changing how you eat and how you relate to food. It is probably the single best “diet” book that I’ve read.

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