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The New Year is an exciting time of the year for many and a contemplative part of the year for some. I am one of those types of people that absolutely LOVES beginnings. I love opening packages, making grand plans, and taking the first steps on a run. I adore starting things. Not so great at finishing them but we’ll get into that later. Because there are always workarounds and workthroughs to discover and create.

In this post I’d like to talk about how to set goals for 2018 (or make Resolutions) so that you are practically guaranteed to succeed. Really. Ready?

  1. Big Picture Idea

Start with what you would like to accomplish this year. Don’t look back at what you didn’t accomplish last year. It’s in the past and looking back isn’t going to help you right now. Think about in a year, as 2019 is rolling in, what would you like to say you’ve accomplished. I’m a health coach so we’re going to focus on health goals, however this method can be applied to any type of goal.

So big picture…. what is your goal?

Here are some examples….

I would like to lose 50 pounds

I would like to get down to 20% body fat

I would like to be able to finish a marathon

I would like to reverse my Type II diabetes

I would like to get rid of my IBS

I would like to give up sugar


And so on….


You get the picture. Now put your own big picture goal onto paper.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the next step.

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