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As we slide into the weekend, and well into the middle of October, it’s the perfect time to take steps to improve your life. Now, by improving your life, I mean to not only be healthier but to be happier and more yourself. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, undernourished, or feeling out of shape, I’m not my best self. I’m not as content as I could be. 

Next week I’m going to transition into talking about nutrition and fitness myths because understanding the truth can help you make the best decisions for your health and future. And one of the biggest myths, in my coaching and nursing practice, is that “change has to be hard.” Big change is hard, but change itself doesn’t have to be hard. There are hundreds of quotes from experts around the world that all say pretty much about the same thing:

Big change comes from small steps toward your goal. 

So, if you’re looking to make a big change, instead of focusing on the marathon time or the weight loss goal, focus on the smaller change that you can easily embrace today.

This Weekend….

  1. Do something fun. I mean something that makes you smile and embrace happiness. It might be playing frisbee with your dog, sharing coffee (or cockails) with someone you love. Have fun this weekend and play.
  2. Spend quiet time with yourself. Unwind and connect with yourself for a few minutes. Meditate. Go on a walk and enjoy nature, or practice deep breathing for three minutes. Again, this doesn’t have to be a huge commitment – you can even meditate for a minute. Seriously, 60 seconds is a perfect place to start. 
  3. Improve your sleep. Rather than dive into all of the seriously simple ways you can improve your sleep, check out this blog post and choose one thing to try this weekend. Remember, small changes over time yield big results.
  4. Eat more fruits & veggies. At least one meal this weekend, make a conscious choice to eat more vegetables. Maybe have the cole slaw but not the chips. Maybe order the side salad instead of the french fries. Maybe have a side of fruit instead of toast at breakfast. Make a choice to eat better for one meal this weekend. 

Making healthy change doesn’t have to be hard and for most people, it shouldn’t be hard. The majority of people are more successful when they embrace small steps that lead them toward their goal. The problem is that we’re impatient and we want dramatic and glorious results. Those that succeed are willing to start small and improve over time and I can tell you from working with clients and patients that there’s a snowball type effect. You start making positive changes and seeing results and your “small” steps add up quickly.

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