Annette Elton is a Registered Nurse, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and Health Coach who helps People Reach Their Health and Fitness Goals, Improve their Vitality, and Live their Best Lives

Hi, My name is Annette and I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve spent much of my life looking for answers and striving to improve my health and fitness. Many of the answers that I found along the way were wrong. They just didn’t work or things, like my energy levels, weight, or complexion, got worse.

My path led me to several discoveries that changed my life and now I’m sharing those discoveries with others.

#1 I discovered CrossFit. CrossFit helped me discover my inner strength. I’ve learned to face fears and push past them. I’ve learned that community is essential for success. And I discovered the power of a good coach to help you achieve your biggest goals. This discovery led me on my path toward Paleo/Primal eating, toward becoming a Registered Nurse, and ultimately to becoming a Certified Primal Health Coach. I fully realize that CrossFit isn’t for everyone, in fact my husband doesn’t do it. It’s not his jam. What’s more important, I feel, is finding ways to move your body that bring you joy. That’s where I can help. Whether you want to start a fitness program or improve your strength or endurance, a health coach can offer support, guidance, and information.

#2 I Embraced the Paleo Diet and Primal Lifestyle. About 10 years ago, after suffering almost daily migraines for more than a year, I began digging and experimenting. I determined that I was allergic to dairy. Flash forward a few years and I was at the doctor’s because of debilitating digestion issues. Turns out, after more experiments and testing, I’m also allergic to gluten.

The Paleo diet literally saved me from a lifetime of pharmaceuticals that barely managed the symptoms. My health and energy levels make me feel like I’m 20 again and the Primal Lifestyle changed my life. What’s Primal? It’s essentially bringing your life back to the basics. Eating whole foods, reducing stress, having fun, and exercising in a way that you pay attention to your body, is about as balanced and freeing as a lifestyle can be. Yes, it takes a plan and some discipline, but it’s changed my life and the lives of countless others.

#3 I Became a Registered Nurse. Yes, I’m a registered nurse and chose that path because I wanted to help people improve their health. What I found out is that our medical system is more about sick care than health care. As a nurse, I’m really just helping people manage their symptoms. Our system isn’t set up to help people prevent illness. It’s changing slowly as the concepts of Functional Medicine, begin to spread. And health coaching is bridging the gap and bringing awareness and results to many.

#4 I Launched a Health Coaching Practice. Health Coaching is a way for anyone to improve their health, fitness, energy levels, stress levels, and vitality. Through lifestyle changes and the guidance of a coach, making changes is truly possible. I’ve experienced this for myself through coaching and as a coach I’ve helped others achieve their goals. The coaching process is about clarifying goals, helping you create a plan to achieve them, and supporting you through creating awareness, education, motivation, accountability, and compassion.

It’s  my passion to help others feel empowered and capable of taking control over their health. Whatever your goal is, regardless of where you are on your path, Primal Health Coaching can help you take the next steps.

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