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Flash back 10 years ago…I thought I was healthy because I had a slender build. And because I did daily sessions on the elliptical machine. I drank Diet Coke and I ate a lot of salads and fat-free chicken breasts. Awesome right?

Not even close.

Despite my appearance, my health was a bit of a shit show.

I was following the standard diet recommendations by avoiding fat and counting calories so it should all be great, right? Wrong. I had weekly migraines and serious digestive problems. And my approach to eating was actually preventing me from doing the things that I wanted to do. My blood sugar was such a mess that I had trouble finishing hikes and bike rides that I wanted to do with my husband. I have vivid memories of standing in the grocery store after a climbing adventure crying in the aisle because I was too exhausted to even figure out what I wanted to eat.

Thankfully, I realized that this wasn’t the way things had to be. As hard as it was to admit to myself, the supposedly healthy food and exercise choices I was making were actually holding me back and making my health worse.

Long story short, I started doing Crossfit (which help me get strong enough to tackle the outdoor activities I’m interested in), and I tried the Paleo Diet. It changed everything for me. When they say that nutrition is 80% of your health, they’re right.

Changing my diet changed my life.

Paleo means that in addition to no sugar, I stopped eating dairy and gluten (which virtually eliminated the migraines and digestive issues), and I started paying attention to how I felt.

That’s Really The First Step To Becoming Healthy — Paying Attention To How You Feel.

It can be tricky to sift through all the health information we read in magazines, hear on the evening news, see linked to on social media, and get from doctors and so-called health experts. It seems like every week (or even every day) there’s a new study about this or that superfood that will supposedly prevent cancer, or the latest and greatest workout routine.promising to give you washboard abs in just 5 minutes a day.

Seriously, unless you’re willing to learn how to read and critique medical studies yourself, you just can’t trust what you see or hear in the media, and your doctors and medical professionals aren’t much better. They’re still spouting science from 20 years ago – science that has been proven wrong.

And trying to work all of that advice into your daily life isn’t automatically going to make you healthy or fit. It’s all about paying attention to your own body, and the food you’re eating (as well as your physical activity), and seeing if it’s getting you results.

Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, or reverse your diabetes — it all starts by paying attention to how subtle changes impact your health and how you feel.

How do you feel when you quit dairy or you cut back on sugar or caffeine? How do you feel when you eat veggies with breakfast? Or when you skip breakfast and don’t have your first meal until noon?

The Path Forward to Lasting Health.

The best path forward and a proven way to make real and lasting change to your health and your future health isn’t just a matter of picking a diet or exercise routine at random and plowing forward. It’s figuring out what works best for you. Gaining that self-awareness takes patience, time, and perhaps a little help.

You can begin the process to awareness and better health today – download my free 3 Day Tracking Worksheet.

For three days you record what you’re eating, how much you’re exercising, and how well you’re sleeping. Don’t worry about changing anything – in fact, it’s better if you don’t. Just maintain your current habits and track them. Just commit to paying more attention to YOU, and to learning more about how the food you eat can impact how you feel.

What You Gain When You Track Your Habits.

Awareness about what you’re really doing every day. Awareness is the foundation for positive change.

Accountability. When you track your lifestyle habits, you’re held accountable to them and to yourself.

A Baseline. You start from where you are. Most often we start health changes without a clear baseline. Thus the path to our goal is difficult to navigate. With a solid baseline, you can make real and lasting change to your health habits.

Grab your 3 Day Tracking Worksheet HERE.

To your amazing health!

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