Intentions vs Resolutions, Which is Best for Success?

Intentions vs. Resolutions, Which is Best for Success?As the new year approaches two things start to happen for most people. We look backwards or we look ahead. There are, of course, those that do both. They use their assessment of their past year to help...

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Why I Choose a Word of the Year and Why You Should Too

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Never have. Not because I’m against them, but for me, when I want to make a change, I tend to start immediately. So while I absolutely understand the excitement about a clean slate and a bright 365 days ahead of you, I...

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How Much Do You REALLY Weigh?

“How much do you weigh?”It’s not a complicated question, but the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Sure, you could step onto a scale right now and get a number that represents your weight at this particular moment.The problem is that your...

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The 3 Superpowers of Curiosity

How curious are you?Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something.Some people consider it a strength, others not so much.Admittedly, I’m a curiosity-driven person. It’s what has helped me grow, learn, and explore the world around me....

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Adding Vitamins to a Big Mac Doesn’t Make it Healthy

Prior to sitting down at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, I had a quick exchange with a family member about whether drinking red wine was good. It started because they were about to fill their glass for a second time, and said (only half-jokingly) “after all, red...

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Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”   Have you ever heard that quotation before? It’s meant to be a helpful reminder that always comparing yourself to other people is a sure way to reduce the satisfaction and joy in your own life. Just a couple decades...

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