Why Self-Care Will Make You a Better Nurse

There are many things about being a nurse that people outside the profession will never understand. When you’re working, you are present physically, mentally, and emotionally -- and you’re there 100%. Sure, doing this for an hour or two is tiring, but it’s...

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7 Healthy Snacks Nurses Can Take to Work

Nursing shifts generally fall into two categories: There’s no time to sit down and you’re barely keeping your head above water and B O R E D O M.The first type, the crazy shift, means you don’t have time to grab a proper meal. You’re snacking on anything...

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How to Quit Soda & Why You Need to Stop TODAY

How much soda do you drink in a week?Depending on your answer, you might not be surprised to learn that the average American drinks approximately 38 GALLONS of soda each year. Um...wtf?Now, this statistic includes both diet and regular soda, but that...

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The Benefits of Keto for Nurses and Health Care Workers

Nurses work long shifts and they’re busy and often have stressful shifts. 12 hours is the normal shift, and that’s assuming that you’re able to leave on time (which rarely happens). It’s an environment that is rife with eating challenges. You either don’t...

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Temptations & What To Do About Them

  What’s your biggest food temptation? We’re talking about if the food is in your reach, you’re going to eat it. Maybe it’s your go to “treat” food or the food that you celebrate with. You may have more than one. I am a sucker for tortilla chips and...

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Why Are You Taking No for an Answer?

I met the kindest man the other day. I was at the car dealership looking for a used car and this lovely man was helping me. When I arrived at the dealership he was sitting in a golf cart in front of the building enjoying the afternoon sun. I introduced...

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Ten More Things You Can Do TODAY To Improve Your Health

Welcome to the middle of the week and the next 10 simple steps that you can take to improve your health. At this point you have 40 different steps that you can take and you may be feeling overwhelmed. Choose one, just one, and focus on it this week. Here...

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