Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”   Have you ever heard that quotation before? It’s meant to be a helpful reminder that always comparing yourself to other people is a sure way to reduce the satisfaction and joy in your own life. Just a couple decades...

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ThriveMarket – an Honest Review

Have you checked out ThriveMarket.com? I joined last year just before my youngest went away to college. It was an easy way to send her nutritious snacks, and honestly it was one of the only ways I could get some food products that I just couldn’t find in...

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Push the MyPlate Away

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I’m not a fan of the USDA’s MyPlate guidance for healthy eating. I’m going to talk here about a few of the major concerns I have, and why I steer my clients towards other approaches instead. The Graphic is...

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How to Measure Your Food

For many people, one of the first steps to taking charge of their health is to get a better understanding of where they’re starting from. One of the most significant ways to get that baseline is to track the food you eat every day for a week or more. And...

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Are You Actually “Fine”?

In the documentary The Magic Pill, one of the subjects (a woman battling multiple health problems, who decides to go on the Ketogenic Diet to see if it can help her turn her life around) said something that really got to me. She talked about how as a...

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The Unhealthy Vegetarian or Vegan

I’m not a big fan of the word “diet.” It implies restriction rather than improvements. Diet implies “dogma” rather than paying attention to how foods make you feel and how they impact your body. There’s all the emotional baggage that comes with the word...

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The Two Different Kinds of Awareness

An article showed up in my newsfeed last month about a recent study that found most yogurts to be “deceptively high” in sugar. Of the 900 different brands surveyed, only 9% were low in sugar (defined as less than 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams of yogurt),...

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Are You as Healthy as You Think You Are?

Flash back 10 years ago...I thought I was healthy because I had a slender build. And because I did daily sessions on the elliptical machine. I drank Diet Coke and I ate a lot of salads and fat-free chicken breasts. Awesome right? Not even close. Despite my appearance,...

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