Temptations & What To Do About Them

  What’s your biggest food temptation? We’re talking about if the food is in your reach, you’re going to eat it. Maybe it’s your go to “treat” food or the food that you celebrate with. You may have more than one. I am a sucker for tortilla chips and...

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Why Are You Taking No for an Answer?

I met the kindest man the other day. I was at the car dealership looking for a used car and this lovely man was helping me. When I arrived at the dealership he was sitting in a golf cart in front of the building enjoying the afternoon sun. I introduced...

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Ten More Things You Can Do TODAY To Improve Your Health

Welcome to the middle of the week and the next 10 simple steps that you can take to improve your health. At this point you have 40 different steps that you can take and you may be feeling overwhelmed. Choose one, just one, and focus on it this week. Here...

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The Key to Positive and Lasting Lifestyle Change

The key to lifestyle change, including everything from losing weight, reversing chronic disease, to simply feeling more energetic or feeling younger, is to know your body, heart and mind -- and to make lifestyle changes that work for you. There is no “right” answer or...

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When It Comes to Food, Are You a Moderator or an Abstainer?

"But what about chocolate?” she asked.“What about it?” I said back to her.“Dark chocolate is good for you and in moderation, it can be part of your day.”“What’s moderation?”She responded, “I struggle with that concept.”I had to take a step back before I...

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Stress and the Middle-Aged Woman

Stress and the middle aged woman…During the past week I have woken each night soaked in sweat. It’s not hot in our apartment. We have a ceiling fan circulating. My diet is under control. Yet, each night, usually several times a night, I wake up hot. Hot...

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Put Down the Diet Soda!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or you read my blog, then you know I’m not a big fan of counting calories. I think focusing on calories -- rather than food type, food quality, meal timing, and a person’s individual needs -- is missing the forest...

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Some Thoughts on Meal Planning

“Meal planning.”That term means different things to different people. To me, it means being more deliberate and thoughtful about what you eat, rather than just winging it or eating “whatever’s in the house” most nights.Meal planning is all about eating food that’s...

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Nurses, How Do You Deal With Stress On the Job and Off?

Life has stress. It’s unavoidable. And to be fair, there are other professions that are stressful. Nurses, however, are amongst the most stressed out. Why? Because they’re often moms, caregivers, and the job is extremely demanding, unforgiving (making a...

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