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Tired of gaining weight? Overwhelmed by exhaustion, anxiety, and depression?

Sugar, added sugar, may be your biggest contributor. Cut it out of your diet and discover the freedom of breaking up with sugar.

This Renegade Nurse Simple Daily Steps Program guides you through 5 Steps You Can Take to Finally End Your Sugar Addiction.

It’s a personalized guide to help you discover your sugar challenges and create a simple process to get it out of your life for good!

Your Plan is Unique to Your Lifestyle, Personality, Needs, and Goals

Every success requires a well thought out plan, and quitting sugar is no different. It begins by learning what your biggest challenges are. Do you struggle with baked goods and sweets or is most of your sugar sneaking in through what you drink? We work through your lifestyle habits to identify where you should start making positive lifestyle changes. You’ll work through this guide by answering key questions to help you choose the best path for your needs, goals, and personality.

Follow your personalize step-by-step plan to finally break up with sugar and look and feel like you deserve to.


Renegade Nurse Beat Fatigue Challenge is a 28 day program for women who want to feel energetic, healthy, and vital again. You’re ready to say goodbye to chronic exhaustion and feel capable of giving 100% each and every day to the people you love and the life you want to live.

After completing the 28 Day Beat Fatigue Challenge, you’ll have the knowledge, clarity, and inspiration that will empower you to:

  • Improve your quality of sleep so you feel rested and ready to face the day each morning
  • Learn your body’s unique needs and responses to key health habits that directly impact your sleep.
  • Take strategic steps to feel healthier and more vital – as your sleep improves you’ll be more able to achieve your goals with confidence.

The Renegade Nurse 28 Day Beat Fatigue Challenge is self-directed. You are given the tools to make powerful changes in your life in a way that supports YOU to succeed! No cookie cutter bullshit. You are a unique individual with your own needs, goals, habits, and personalities. 

To your health and well-being!

How many times have you tried to eat healthier, lose weight, or get into shape — only to fail? The weight comes back. You stop going to the gym and old habits come back with a vengeance. It’s a common challenge.
The truth is that everyone who has ever tried to change their health habits has failed at least once and probably several times. So, what’s going on?
Why is it so difficult to change our health habits?
Is it because we’re weak?
Is it because we just haven’t found that “magic” answer?
No and no.
It’s difficult because there is no one single answer to the question. It’s difficult to change your health habits, to embrace habits that support weight loss, better skin, better sleep, better sex, and a happier outlook, because there is no magic answer and because there are circumstances that fight against you.
Now, before you throw away this book because I’ve just crushed your last bit of hope hear this…. This book is designed to help you learn exactly what works for you. Once you learn that, not only will you never have to diet again, but the health habits you embrace and create will support you to live your life to your fullest. All the while you’ll be gaining energy, losing weight, and finding the health that you deserve.
Please hear this…
You, my beautiful one, are an individual — and while there are biological reasons for your behaviors, cravings, and health challenges, we are, as Robb Wolf so aptly put it in his book “Wired to Eat”, biologically driven to overconsume. BUT our bodies also need much different foods than the SAD (Standard American Diet) provides. We’re also designed to move, but lifestyles don’t support movement; we sit at desks or in cars most of the day. And “exercise” is a four-letter word for many. It’s a chore.
So, what’s a person to do?
How do you overcome society’s influences and create a lifestyle that supports you to be healthy? How do you find something that you can stick with so that the benefits you gain aren’t lost?
How do you lose weight, improve your health and fitness and NEVER DIET AGAIN? The solution is in this challenge.
In this challenge we take a look at:
● Your personality and motivation style
● Your support system
● Your current state of health and fitness
● Your DNA, meaning your genetic makeup. Don’t sweat it, we can change about 90% of our DNA through lifestyle changes. We’ll get to that.
And at the root of it all is what I refer to as “awareness.”
You’re going to spend some time paying more attention to what’s going on in and around you. This is important because it will lead you to the answers that you need to change your life.
I know that the word “awareness” sounds hokey and perhaps a bit too “out there” for health and fitness. Trust me.

When you learn what’s best for YOU, it changes everything.

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