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Change is hard.

It’s something that we hear over and over again.

Frankly, I’m beginning to feel like this has become a mantra for people who want or feel they need some sort of excuse to not change.

If you want to change, then do it.

Will it be hard? Possibly. Probably. But not as hard as you might think, IF you go about change the right way.

So what’s the right way to embrace and make change in your life?

  1. Decide what, exactly, you want to accomplish. What is your goal? Do you want to lose 20 pounds? Do you want to change your body composition? Do you want to improve your sleep, reduce your risk for a family disease, feel less stressed out? What is YOUR goal?
  2. Know WHY you want to achieve your goal. Dig deep here and get to the root answer. What is your “Why”? Knowing this will help you work through challenges when they show up.
  3. Decide HOW you’re going to achieve your goal. When I was dealing with my mother’s Dementia diagnosis I knew deep down in every freaking cell in my body that I didn’t want to go down that road. I did a shitton of research to find out what I could personally do to prevent getting dementia. Now, there’s not a ton of evidence but one thing that kept popping up were studies on the connection between exercise and reduced risk of alzheimer’s and dementia. So…okay, I should start exercising consistently. That was my initial thought but then I had to figure out what kind of exercise, when, and how often. It took a little time and a bit of trial and error but I found my way and you can find yours too. If you need help, ask for it. Ask friends, family, or reach out to a health coach. AskĀ  me, I’m happy to help.
  4. Small steps or big leaps? Personally, I do better with small steps and changes. There’s a big difference in my success history between when I decided to go cold turkey with something or when I decided to ease into it. Explore your own personality and success history. What works best for you? Should you completely eliminate all sugar today and never look back or should you gradually reduce sugar? You decide. You do you!
  5. Get busy. Don’t wait for some magic day to start pursuing a better life. Start right now. Start today. Monday isn’t better, the first of the month isn’t better. Just make a plan and take a step forward.

Is change hard? Sure, you have to think about it and you have to follow through and some days you might mess up. Who cares? If you’re taking positive steps in the right direction, it’s all good. Pay attention to who you are and what you need. Everything gets a whole lot simpler when you can do that.


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