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Checking in With Yourself!

As you move through the Simple Daily Steps, I have found that it is important to occasionally take a week off from adding  a new step and to instead, spend some time assessing the steps you’ve already implemented into your life. When I work with my clients, we to take a look at the areas they’re working on and how those habits are working for them. It can turn into a bit of a brainstorming session as we work to determine how they can move forward successfully.

I feel that this is a great week to pause and reflect not only because it’s the last week of the  year, but it’s also a challenging time to add a new habit. Instead, really focus on following through on the daily habits you’ve worked so hard to establish. Stay the course this week and spend some time reflecting.

Today you’re going to look back at your habits for the few weeks and assess how you did. SO let’s recap the past week’s habits.

No Sugar at Breakfast.

Which path did you take? A, B or A+ ? 

How many days did you stick to your plan? For example, if you chose plan A, how many days did you not have sugar at breakfast? What new routines or habits did you embrace that supported your successful days? If you weren’t successful some days, what do you feel got in your way? What tripped you up? For example, maybe you ran out of eggs and all you had was cereal for breakfast and it was sweetened. SO the trip up would be inadequate planning. Not your willpower or discipline around food, but a lack of counting those eggs and planning ahead :D.

How did you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, when you didn’t have sugar at breakfast? Note: You may not have noticed much yet, it can take 2 – 3 weeks of change before you notice a difference. However, many people notice results like improved energy the first week. What, if anything, did you notice? 

The goal for all of these simple daily habits is to continue them, to actually make them part of your life. Going forward into the next week, what will you do differently to continue this habit of no sugar at breakfast?

 Three Deep Breaths

This habit may be one of the simplest and I’m often told it’s the most difficult. Our busy brains keep us thinking ahead and we forget that we’re supposed to slow down. How successful were you with this habit? What can you do to help remember to breathe and slow down before each meal? A timer or reminder on your phone? A bracelet on your wrist that you switch before each meal? When you did remember to take three deep breaths before each meal, what did you notice?

Track Your Evening Intake

How’d you do with this? What time frame have you worked up to? What have you noticed at night? What have you noticed in the morning? For example, when I started embracing this, I noticed that I was waking up very hungry. I experimented with staying hungry for an hour or two, and drinking coffee and I experimented with eating a slightly bigger dinner. I also tried to eliminate carbs at dinner. This was the key to eliminating the morning hunger. If I eat high glycemic or starchy carbs at night, I will wake up hungry. I encourage you to experiment if you’re waking up hungry.

On the days you weren’t successful meeting your no calories before bed goal, what got in the way? Netflix? Alcohol? Just make note of what got in your way and try to create systems that support you. For example, can you drink your favorite fizzy water instead of snacking during a movie?

Morning Stretch

How many days were you successful with this? What supported you to succeed? How did you feel after you stretched each morning? What stretching routine works best for you? Why?

Get Your Heart Rate Up

How long did you exercise? How did you feel afterwards? What new systems can you put into place to support you to continue exercising at a moderate rate and to add time to your exercise?

Personal assessment and awareness is key. It helps you stay honest with yourself and to set goals that are both motivating and doable. Its super important to make sure that the steps you take each day feel doable, not impossible! Consistency is essential to success and consistency won’t happen if the steps are too big to manage every day. This is why there are options for every simple daily step and why we’ll revisit some of these daily steps in the future. 

Consider this…..

I am an intermittent journaler at best. I have this amazing journal from Rustico that looks beautiful and expensive, but is actually quite affordable and I fill it with composition books (cheap!). I journal to find clarity and the more consistent my journaling habit is, the clearer I feel about my life, my goals, my steps and so forth. The more consistent I am with journaling, the more productive and effective I am. 

Consider trying journaling yourself. Use this week and the questions I’ve asked to start your journal. Here’s that journal that I use – Rustico Refillable Leather Notebook

Here’s to a wonderful week filled with reflection, joy, and peace!

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