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New Year’s is 10 days away.

Honestly, next to Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite day of the year. I LOVE new beginnings and New Year’s provides the perfect time to reflect and to look forward. However, I’m not a resolution setter and I don’t think they serve most people well. There are many reasons why Resolutions don’t work. In part, I feel like we need to make our resolution a big thing, a big idea, and for the vast majority of people, success happens in small steps. That being said, if you’re great at creating a plan to make your resolution a reality, then go for it. Set a SMART Goal/Resolution and get after it!

I feel like intentions or words of the year work better for me. For example, last year my word for the year was “explore.” The decisions I made for 2019 and the paths that I chose were about exploring in every sense of the word. I traveled more, I tried new career paths, and I pushed my boundaries personally and physically.

Regardless of whether you prefer Resolutions, Intentions, or a Word of the Year, it’s a fantastic time to decide what you want 2020 to look and feel like for you. On December 31st 2020, what do you want to be able to say that you accomplished this year?

To help you work through this personal assessment and process, I’ve collected my past New Year’s Posts below. Enjoy this time of reflection and reach out if you have any questions or want some guidance.

I’m still working on my word for 2020. I’d love to hear your resolutions, intentions, or words for the year. Take great care and let’s go into 2020 with confidence, courage, and kindness!


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