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Do you ever have trouble sticking to your exercise routine? Do you still find that you can’t stick to your exercise schedule, even though you’ve done everything you can think of to create the perfect environment for exercising? Even if you’re highly motivated and have the best intentions, you still might find that you’re not working out as much as you’d like.

The answer to this problem may be as close as your smartphone.

In a way, it’s kind of ironic. Our smartphones can often play a big role in creating unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle habits. Think of how easy it is to spend 10-15 minutes at a time (or more) hunched over your phone, browsing through Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram, or watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Now think of how easy it is to do that at least a couple of times throughout the day.

But a smartphone can also be a powerful tool in helping you create or maintain a exercise habit. Here’s why:

It’s Convenient. You probably already carry your smartphone with you everywhere you go. (You may even keep it on your person as you move throughout your home during the day.) You can download a step tracker app and free yourself of having to wear a separate tracking device. And when you use a smartphone app for fitness tracking you don’t have to worry about downloading or transferring your data from some other tracking device to your phone or computers; it’s already on your phone ready for you to review.

It’s Unavoidable. I mean this in the best possible way. Many popular fitness apps allow you to send yourself reminders and other messages to help you keep working towards your fitness goals. This means you don’t have to set notices on your calendar manually, so you’ll get that little nudge automatically, right when you need it.

It’s Motivational. Many fitness apps have their own communities where you can connect with others who have similar goals. Most also integrate easily with popular social media networks, which can create a sense of accountability to others. And being accountable to others is one of the best ways to stick with an exercise program.

It’s Easy. One of the biggest pains in the you-know-what is managing your workout routines, keeping track of your efforts, measuring your progress over time, and not getting overwhelmed with the whole process. The best smartphone apps seamlessly take care of all of these things with minimal effort on your part.

It’s Targeted. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do; chances are there’s a smartphone app just for you. If you’re a walker or runner, check out Couch to 5k or Strava. Take a look at the 7 Minute Workout Challenge if you’re into calisthenics or working out at home. There are countless Yoga apps if that’s your thing. And everyone can benefit from using a meditation app, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes a day.

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. Get yourself a fitness app or two and honor your workout time!

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