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How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

Overwhelming? Exhausting?

Did you eat or drink more than you had planned? Because of those overindulgences, are you now starting to make New Year’s resolutions that involve cleaning up your diet or getting more exercise?

Well, regardless of what you might have done over the last few days, guess what? Those days are already in the past. Thanksgiving weekend is over, so there’s no reason to beat yourself up now if you ate or drank more than you should have. It’s easy to tell yourself “well, I screwed that up. And with more holidays coming up soon, maybe it makes the most sense to just wait until New Year’s Day to fix things.”


If there are changes you want to make, in areas of your health or life that are important to you, then what REALLY makes the most sense is to start today. I know that it seems like no big deal to put off making changes until New Year’s Day (since those resolutions are something of a tradition themselves), but all that accomplishes is making it longer before the benefits of those changes can be felt.

If you’re feeling sluggish and uncomfortable all the time, and you have a hunch that it’s related to your diet, would it be better to start making changes today, so that you can stop feeling sluggish and uncomfortable as soon as possible?

If you’ve always dreamed of doing a 10k or half marathon, the sooner you start with a new exercise program, then the better prepared you’ll be (and you’ll likely enjoy the experience more) once race day comes. Why give yourself less time to get ready?

There’s a saying that you can’t change the past, but you can stop making the same mistakes. Don’t go repeating the same mistakes for the next month or so just so that you can start making change right on January 1.

As always, if the process seems overwhelming or you just don’t know where to start, then feel free to sign up for a free initial consultation, or download my free 3-Day Tracking Worksheet (available HERE), which you can use to help establish a baseline of what you’re currently eating and identify areas you may want to change in the coming year.

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