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Intentions vs. Resolutions, Which is Best for Success?

As the new year approaches two things start to happen for most people. We look backwards or we look ahead. There are, of course, those that do both. They use their assessment of their past year to help them plan for the future. Maybe we all do this at a surface level.

It looks something like, “Well, last year sucked, next year is going to be better.” This approach isn’t super-helpful.

For the rest of the year I’m going to provide resources to help you do both, look back and forward, with clarity, awareness, and power. This year, 2019, is the year that you embrace your Bold, Brazen, Badass side and become the person you are meant to be – your best self.

Today, I’d like to start the conversation by taking a look at the difference between Intentions and Resolutions. One sounds well… traditional. The other sounds a little wooey. There’s no right or wrong way to approach the year, but there is a way that is likely better for YOU.


A resolution is defined as a firm decision. They’re usually statements like, “I’m going to lose weight this year.” or “I’m going to start exercising” or “I’m going to start eating better.” They may even get more specific, “I’m going to exercise every day.” You get it. Resolutions are proclamations, usually without a plan, but they’re a decision about what you’re going to achieve.


Intentions are not firm decisions. Instead, they’re an aim or a plan. In some ways they’re gentler than a resolution. “I intend to eat healthier.” “I intend to exercise every day.” They’re not proclamations; they’re more of a guideline for what you want to do.

Big difference between the two, right? So which is different? Which is better for actually achieving your health and fitness goals? Which will make you look back at 2019 and say, “hell yeah, I did that right!”

Which Is Better, Resolution or Intention?

It honestly depends largely on your personality. For some, resolutions are the path to success, for others it’s intentions. So let’s look at the difference…

Resolutions are best for you if:

  • You like bold statements and are motivated by them
  • You are a good planner
  • You like or need structure
  • You can create your own structure
  • You tend to prefer the “cold turkey” approach to health goals rather than the incremental step approach


Intentions are best for you if:

  • You’re contrary (if someone says “do this” you immediately don’t want to)
  • You prefer small changes over time
  • You’re adaptable
  • You like structure, but not rigidity or “rules”
  • You’re good at assessing and evaluating your progress and results


Both resolutions and intentions have benefits and you’ve likely recognized yourself in one of the categories. However, with both intentions and resolutions you want to create some type of plan. It’s never enough to say “I will” or “I intend” – you have to follow through with a plan if you’re going to achieve success. This is where structure and support can be helpful.

People who set resolutions may do well with a structured plan and a list of habits to embrace daily. People who set intentions may do well with a more organic structure and a daily or weekly assessment process.

If you’re ready to make powerful change in 2019 check out my Challenges, including the 28 Day Beat Fatigue Challenge, the 30 Day Primal Eating Challenge, and my Awareness Challenge.

And take a look at Bold, Brazen, Badass health coaching options. Choose the coaching level that’s right for you and get the tools, motivation, and support necessary to make 2019 your year to thrive.

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