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Tip of the Month – January

Put away the scale.

Yes, it can be helpful to quantify your goals. However, weighing yourself daily can be detrimental to your progress. You’re more than a number. And weight can stay the same while your body composition changes. If you’re only basing your progress on your weight, you’re missing vital information.

A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same but look very different on your body. Just like the calories from a cookie and the calories from an apple are different, so too are the different types of weight on your body.

Instead of standing on the scale daily (or weekly) consider paying attention to your:


  1. Energy level. Do you feel more energetic?
  2. Emotional wellbeing. Are you happier and less moody?
  3. Mental clarity. Are you feeling more connected with your thoughts and better able to focus?
  4. Quality of sleep. Are you sleeping better?
  5. How your skin and eyes look. Is your skin looking healthier? Are your eyes brighter?

There are so many other ways to measure your improved health than your weight.

For the month of January, consider putting the scale away. Every day, when you would have stepped on the scale, look in the mirror instead and ask yourself those five questions.

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