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I get a lot of questions from the people that I meet. They want to know what I do. What do I eat, how do I eat it, and so on. I titled this post “My Current Approach to Nutrition” because it evolves over time. I will say that the way I eat right now has been the way I’ve eaten for at least the past year, but it was an evolution, and as I age and my lifestyle changes — so too will my nutritional approach.

My Current Stats

  • Right now I am 5’5″
  • I weigh between 125 and 128, depending on the day
  • My body fat, measured by InBody, is 10% (no, that’s not a typo)
  • My blood work has all of my metrics in normal ranges. (My triglycerides were 40!)
  • I am 48 (49 in June)
  • My hormonal cycle is extremely consistent
  • I don’t take any medications
  • I do take a multivitamin and a probiotic and fish oil
  • My resting blood pressure is generally around 110/70, and my resting pulse is in the mid- to upper-50s

My Nutrition Approach

I want to stress that this is what works for ME and that I’ve gotten to this place after years of experimentation and tracking.

Sunday through Thursday:

  • I track my macro intake. I track carbs, protein, and fat. I track calories simply to make sure that I’m eating enough.
  • I keep my carb intake between 60 and 80 total carbs, because that’s where I feel best and am able to perform satisfactorily when I exercise.
  • I don’t stress about protein or fat intake.
  • I eat 100% paleo. No grains, alcohol, sugar, or dairy.
  • 90% of my carbs come from fruits and veggies, and occasionally a sweet potato/yam.
  • I eat breakfast around 7 am and dinner at 5/5:30, so I have a 12-14 hour fasting time.


I take Friday off. I don’t track and I don’t restrict any foods. (The caveat to this is that I am allergic to gluten and dairy, so these aren’t ever part of my diet). I enjoy dairy-free ice cream, gluten-free muffins from a local bakery, a margarita or two, whatever.


I take a relaxed approach to eating, but generally am back on track with my macros and 100% paleo. It’s my transition day from my Friday free for all to back to tracking and 100% paleo.

As mentioned at the beginning, I have played around with carb intake. I’ve tried Zone and other ratio-based approaches. My body responds better to a lower carb, higher fat, intake.

My Fitness/Activity Approach:

  • I CrossFit 5 days a week – this means metabolic conditioning, lifting weights, gymnastics and so on. I love it and find it really fun and rewarding.
  • One day a week I embrace active rest so I go on a hike or a slow run with my husband.
  • One day a week, usually Sunday, I do nothing.
  • I try to work on mobility for a few minutes each day. This is something that I need to get better at.

Other Habits:

  • I love sleep and need a lot of it so I generally go to bed at 9 and wake up around 4:30/5:00.
  • I meditate daily for about 10-15 minutes.
  • I read before bed.
  • I watch about 2 hours of television a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • I try to spend some time walking outside every day. Nature helps me feel less stressed and more grounded.

My approach as a human and as a health coach is twofold:

It’s about creating healthy habits that work for you

It’s about finding a nutritional approach that works for you

Both of these take time! It’s a process and because you are a human being who is constantly evolving, your needs are going to change.

One of the challenges that people have is that they want an answer and a fixed approach that will get them the results they want quickly.

I understand this. However, it’s much more liberating to embrace the process, to celebrate the small successes, and to find what works for you rather than looking for a uniform answer.

If you wanted a uniform answer I would say it all goes back to the basics:

  • Eat whole foods, not processed.
  • Eat vegetables at every meal.
  • Eat the highest quality foods you can afford (organic, hormone free, free range, grass fed etc).
  • Exercise daily. Move your beautiful body.
  • Get good sleep (7-9 hours) every day.
  • Get outside.

We all have different goals and needs. I didn’t arrive at my current physical state as a desire to be anything other than healthy. I didn’t have weight loss goals or metrics that I wanted to attain.
I, as you likely do, have genetic predispositions to things that I want to avoid as I age. I started on my path to nutrition and exercise merely as a way to get healthier, and arrived where I am today as part of that path and process.

Decide what you want and need right now. Accept that as your health habits improve, your goals and needs may change. Take one small step toward your goals. You will find a growing list of simple health habits to embrace, both on the blog here as well as on my Instagram account. Choose one that supports your goals and take action today.

If you want guidance, accountability, or even just a place to start just ask! I’m here to help.

To your amazing health!


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