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Meditation is good for you, right? It is. There are a shit-ton of studies that support the health and wellness benefits of meditation. So, you know it’s good for you and you know that you should be meditating. The challenge is actually finding time and creating a practice. I tried, and failed, for years to create any type of consistent practice.

I couldn’t find the perfect time to meditate

It took too long, I didn’t have the attention span (or the time) to meditate.

I live in the real world where dogs, doorbells, phones, and children are always asking for attention and I don’t have the focus to ignore them and ohm the day away.

But I’m persistent so I kept at it and eventually created what I creatively call my Five-Minute Meditation Practice and I’m sharing it with you because you do have 5 minutes. Because it may lead to bigger and better things for you, and because it’s worth it. You really do reap benefits from meditation.

  1. Wake up, tend to the dogs, grab a cup of coffee.
  2. Find a comfy spot on the couch where my feet are on the ground and my back is against the back of the couch.
  3. Grab my iPhone and set the timer. I like Insight Timer – It’s an app for meditation. It has a lot of features including social features and meditations you can buy if you want. I just like the timer, the bells, and the ambient sound. You can set any timer you wish.
  4. Close my eyes
  5. Take anywhere from 5-20 deep breaths to get into my body and to turn off my thoughts. So, I inhale deeply and slowly feel the breath in my body and exhale slowly. Sometimes I count my breaths if I’m having trouble focusing.
  6. Body scan. Once I feel like I’m done with the deep breathing and am able to stay centered, I start scanning my body. I start at the top of my head and start slowly moving down. As I scan I’m asking myself what I feel or sense. What feels good and right? What feels like the dog slept on it all night? I’m not sticking with any particular area, I’m just scanning my body. Sometimes I’ll do this a few times.
  7. Fill with light. After I’ve scanned my body, I’ll go back to the deep breathing. With each inhalation I imagine my body filling with light and positivity and with each exhalation I’m releasing any negativity if there is any and I’m relaxing.
  8. I continue filing my body with light until the timer dings or sometimes I’ll continue for a bit afterward. I just pay attention to when if feel done with the meditation and then I open my eyes, grab my coffee, and get on with the day.

That’s it and yes, it may sound a little wooey, but it works well for me. And if you are like me and find success with baby steps, you can gradually add another minute to your meditation. So, this month, for example, you might meditate for five minutes a day and next month you might meditate for six and so on. There’s no rush. It’s a practice. Enjoy!

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