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I’ve often heard people equate Primal or Paleo to CrossFit as if they’re the same thing.


Paleo is a dietary approach.

Primal is a lifestyle that encompasses a dietary approach.

CrossFIt is a type of exercise program.

Can there be an overlap?

Of course. Many CrossFit athletes want to have better health and they embrace different types of eating. These tend to lean toward Zone, Paleo, Primal (which, if you remember, allows dairy), and Keto.

And to be fair, the CrossFit and Primal groups have held hands for quite a long time.


you don’t have to be a CrossFit athlete to follow a primal lifestyle and vice versa.

You can absolutely embrace the Primal Life and never set foot in a CrossFit box.

Keep the 10 Primal Blueprint laws in mind:

#3 Move frequently at a COMFORTABLE pace (CrossFit WODs are generally high intensity workouts, not a “comfortable” or moderate pace)

#4 Sprint once in a while (like every 7-10 days, not every day)

#7 Lift Heavy Things (Doesn’t have to be a 400 pound barbell, bodyweight strength training is awesome!)


Can you CrossFit and follow Primal? Yes, mostly. You’ll have to pay attention to your workouts.

Can you embrace Primal without CrossFit, YES!

This quick video explains it and if you have questions, drop me a line




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