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Myth #3 Paleo/Primal is an Elitist Diet – It’s Crazy Expensive!

Can eating primally be expensive? Of course it can. You can spend a shitton of money on organic, pasture raised, picked by fairies riding unicorns food.

Do you have to fork over your entire paycheck and go into debt to eat healthy?

No freaking way.

Look folks, there’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to budget and food.

And let’s be straight up honest, veggies are much cheaper than meat. Now I’m not saying that you should become a vegetarian. I think it’s super hard to be a healthy vegetarian. What I am saying is that, If you need to save money on your grocery bill, you can probably cut back on meat consumption, eat more veggies, and still follow a primal/paleo lifestyle. You can buy the whole organic chicken and cut it up instead of paying twice as much for chicken parts (and you can make a killer stock from those leftovers like the backbone and ribs). Look for ways to save. They are there. 

You just do your best.

If the organic apples are 3.99 a pound and the traditional apples are 1.99 a pound, I’m going to buy the cheaper ones and wash the heck out of them and/or peel them.

If that grass fed ribeye is $16/pound. We’ll I’m not going to eat a pound of meat. I’m going to have a quarter of that (which is plenty) and eat a huge plate of yummy roasted veggies with that $4 steak.

I get it. Food is expensive and we all have to allocate that paycheck the best way we can. Unfortunately, that often means buying a $7 frozen pizza that feeds two or three instead of an $8 chicken and a couple bucks in veggies. Keep in mind that being sick is expensive too and your health is important – like it’s perhaps the most important thing. Think about how you feel when you’re sick, fatigued, and feeling just awful. Think about how much it costs to miss work. Think about how much it costs to go to the doctors and how much prescription meds cost. Suddenly that $8 chicken and bag of veggies isn’t as expensive.

Again, do your best.

Set your budget, look at your supermarket flyers, buy what’s in season and just do your best. Stick to whole foods that aren’t packaged or processed and you’re 90% of the way there.

Here’s a nice article that provides a best to worst spectrum for some foods. (

Again, do your best. Health isn’t black or white. Small steps and changes make a huge difference. Do what you can and relax. You’re taking positive steps. Be proud of that and keep going! 

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