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I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! 

Last week we talked about eliminating sugar at breakfast. You were encouraged to start where you are and to pursue a path that felt doable – even if that means eliminating sugar at 3 breakfasts each week or using artificial sweeteners until you can confidently let them go too!

This week, we turn our attention to stress. So continue working on eliminating sugar at breakfast and add this week’s simple step to your day.

3 Deep Breaths

This week’s habit is simple and powerful.

Before each meal, snack, or beverage stop yourself and take three deep breaths. Breathe in for a count of 5, hold for 2, exhale for a count of 7. As you’re breathing, ask yourself if you are truly hungry and if the choices you’re making are in your best interest?

This simple habit helps eliminate unconscious eating and helps you make the best decisions for your health and weight loss goals.


Spend some time thinking about embracing this powerful habit. How will you remember to take 3 deep breaths before each meal and snack? For example, if you generally eat at the same time each day, would an alarm on your phone work? Maybe a post it note on your refrigerator or microwave. Create a plan to remember this habit and intention. 


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