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Getting the blood flowing first thing in the morning helps you become more aware of your body and the blood flow to your muscles improves your general health. And, when you become more aware of your body, you tend to take better care of it.

It’s also important to note that as we age, flexibility and mobility worsen and this often leads to injuries including shoulder, back, and even ankle and knee injuries. By simply focusing on your mobility and flexibility each day, you’re not only improving your day, you’re improving your tomorrow. 

And embracing this habit first thing in the morning, sets you up for success each day. It sets the tone. Good news is that a morning stretch doesn’t have to be complicated. (It really shouldn’t be, it should be easy and enjoyable!)

The Practice

Give yourself three minutes this morning to stretch your body.

You can sign up for a membership with websites like Mobility Wod or ROM Wod, or find your favorite YouTube Yoga/Fitness channel and perform their morning stretch routines. 

You can also make up your own routine. For example, sit down on the floor and lean forward to touch your toes. Hold the position until you feel your muscles relax. Get on your hands and knees and perform 5 cat/cow stretches. Sit back on your heels and stretch your arms forward, leaning your torso between your arms for a good shoulder stretch. Feel your body. 


When exactly will you stretch each morning? Create a routine. Will you stretch before or after coffee? Before you leave your bedroom or after? 

Where will you stretch? What place in your home offers the most inviting space to stretch your beautiful body and get the blood flowing?

What stretching routine will you practice? For example, standing forward bend or seated forward bend? Side stretch or scorpion stretch? Create a simple 5 move routine for yourself.

Will you use an app to guide your morning stretching routine? If so, what app? 

How will you hold yourself accountable? I’ve created a Facebook Group, please feel free to come on over and share your accomplishments, (and challenges and questions). 

How will you celebrate your flexy success? As you embrace this habit each day, you’re going to notice changes in your day and also in your body. For example, if you’re not able to touch your toes today, pay attention to how your flexibility improves and how you’re able to maybe touch your toes in a few weeks. Pretty fun!


P.S. If you have questions, reach out and let me know! Annette @ Renegadenurse . com

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