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No Sugar at Breakfast

Eating sugar first thing in the day sets you up for a day of energy spikes and plummets and over time it creates insulin resistance (and diabetes). Starting your day off with blood sugar imbalances can increase stress, cause cravings, increase hunger (even if you have plenty of fuel). Sugar in the morning starts your brain and body off at a deficit. If you want to set yourself up for success each day, start eating a breakfast without sugar.

No sugar at breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be: 

  • Smoothie with almond/coconut milk, banana, nut butter, and protein powder 
  • Scrambled eggs with spinach, peppers, onions etc…
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Last night’s dinner leftovers (as long as there’s no added sugar)

It’s about replacing the sugary foods you’re currently eating with foods that are free from sugar. So let’s take a look at foods with added sugar:

  • Cereal
  • Breads and baked goods (no bagel, sorry)
  • Spreads, condiments, and some nut butters
  • Some prepared oatmeals and whole grain “Healthy” breakfasts.”

Choosing the Path that’s Right for YOU!

I created simple daily steps because success, health, and weight loss are a process. The simpler the process, the more likely you are to follow through. And what is simple for you may be challenging for another. There are a few options on how you might approach your “No Sugar at Breakfast” habit. 

Plan A: No sugar at breakfast, no problem. Each day this week you’ll make sure to not consume any added sugars at breakfast. 

Plan B: Artificial sweeteners. If no sugar at breakfast isn’t going to work for you right now, then switch to products that have artificial sweeteners and significantly cut back on them. For example, if you have toast with jam in the morning then switch to ezekiel bread (no added sugar and sugar free jam). Or if you have to have sugar in your coffee, switch to stevia or monkfruit sweeteners. 

Plan C: No sugar at breakfast 4 days a week. Choose a number of days that you KNOW you can be sugar free at breakfast and add to those days over time. For example, if you are no sugar at breakfast 4 days this week then you’ll do 5 days next week. 

Plan A+ Bonus Path – If no sugar at breakfast is easy for you, then challenge yourself to expand on it. Maybe no sugar for both breakfast and lunch. 

Homework and Questions to Consider: 

#1 What breakfast items do you consume that have sugar in them? For example, coffee creamer, cereal, prepared smoothie, jam on toast…

#2 What replacements/swaps can you make to eliminate sugar intake at breakfast? For example, unflavored/unsweetened coffee creamer, homemade smoothie instead of prepared smoothie, eggs instead of cereal. 

#3 What hurdles/challenges do you foresee? For example, no time in the morning to prepare eggs.

#4 What steps can you take to navigate these hurdles? For example, make hard boiled eggs or egg muffin cups ahead of time. 

Starting the day off right can make a tremendous impact on your overall energy, health, and the decisions you make for the rest of the day. Choose an approach that you know you can follow through on without much thought or difficulty. Once you’ve made this a habit (in a few weeks of daily success), you can expand on it and strive to reduce/eliminate sugar at your other meals. 

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