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No Sweetened Beverages

Okay, I’ll admit that this may be one of the more difficult steps for people to take. From ice tea and coffee to alcoholic beverages, sugar is added to most things that we drink. There are going to be several paths to take depending on your current habits. 

I used to drink almost a six pack of soda daily. I was super addicted. My baby step approach was to drink one less can of soda each week. So the first week I drank 5 sodas a day, the next week I drank 4, then 3 then 2 then 1 and then I actually drank half a soda for a week and then every other day I’d drink half a soda. I REALLY had to step down slowly. Eventually, I was drinking half a soda once a week and by that time the taste had become pretty awful and I didn’t really want that half a soda anymore.  

Making This Step Your Reality

So step one is to take a look at what you drink on a daily basis. Jot down the beverages that have sugar in them, including juices and smoothies!

Then, decide your path:

Plan A – Completely eliminate all sweetened beverages (and don’t drink diet either).

Plan B – Completely eliminate all sweetened beverages and drink one or two diet beverages daily with the intention to wean yourself off diet beverages in the future. 

Plan C –  Gradually eliminate sweetened beverages one day/week at a time. This is the approach that worked best for me and it was painless. One less a day is simple to embrace. 


How many sweetened beverages do you drink in a day? Track this for 1-3 days.

What plan are you going to use to reduce/eliminate your consumption of sweetened beverages? 

If eliminating all…what are you going to drink instead? Canned water like LaCroix helped me kick the soda habit.

If switching to diet, can you reduce your consumption of diet drinks as well? For example, if you normally drink 3 coke’s a day plus a sweetened coffee drink and you decide to swap to artificial sweetener in your coffee drink and diet coke, can you drop to 2 diet cokes a day plus your coffee?

If you’re gradually reducing your sweetened beverages, what will you replace them with? 

What’s your daily limit this week? For example, if you normally drink 4 sweetened drinks, will you drop to 2, 3, 3.5? What’s your number? Choose one and stick with it.

How will you prepare for success? For example, do you need to buy fizzy water?

How will you celebrate success? Please share your success on the Facebook page 

How will you hold yourself accountable?

What’s your plan for next week?

To your success!

P.S. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions – annette @ renegadenurse . com or DM me on Facebook 

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