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This is the third post in a four part series on setting a New Year’s Resolution that can and will change your life. You can read the first two steps here and here:

Once you have your goal identified and you have a clear idea on the required steps and your realistic path, you’re ready for what may be the most difficult part of any goal setting and achieving process…the motivation. It can be difficult to stay motivated or to create accountability that appeals to your personality. So let’s look at step #3…Motivation

#3 Identify Your Motivation

We’re all motivated differently. Some people are motivated by external expectations. For example, if someone is expecting you at the gym, you’ll show up.

Other people are motivated by internal expectations. They’ll show up at the gym because they promised themselves that they would.

Some people are rebels and they only meet the expectations they decide will serve them and others are able to meet any expectations regardless of where they come from. (If you want to discover what your motivation style is or are interested in learning ore, check out

You may already know what motivates you. Take a look at the times that you’ve been successful and explore why you were. What was motivating you to persevere?

Once you know your motivation, you can begin to put measures into place to hold yourself accountable.

For example, for the person who is striving to reverse their type II diabetes, if they’re motivated by external expectations they may exercise and reduce sugar because their children are counting on them to be a good role model or to live a long and healthy life. They might put a photo of their children on the pantry or the refrigerator or sign up for a workout class where they have a friend in the class who is also counting on them to attend.

If the person is motivated by internal expectations, they may be motivated to reduce sugar and exercise because they want to live a healthier life and save money on prescriptions. They may create a tracking system and put into place small rewards for each goal met.

Start thinking about what motivates you and begin to plan how you’re going to stay accountable to your goals and your steps along the way. Because you’re creating a new way of living, you will have moments where you backslide. Preparing for these moments will help you get past them with minimal setback.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about pulling it all together. Until then!

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