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What is Primal Living?

It’s a question that I hear often. People want to know what it is and how it is different from Paleo.

Paleo and Primal both embrace a way of eating that includes, meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and some fruit. Primal allows dairy, paleo doesn’t. Both emit grains and sugar from the diet and both have a mixed view on consuming alcohol.

Primal, however, goes a bit further and includes a way of life that supports longevity and optimal health. Paleo is just about your diet. Both are based on ancestral DNA – or to put it more simply, Primal and Paleo are based on the science of longevity; how to eat, move, and live your life based on your body’s needs and how it is designed.

This is evidence based, folks!

Evidence based means that some guru didn’t pull a diet idea out of his/her ass and say, “hey, we should all drink lemon water and eat chicken noodle soup and we’ll be skinny, loved, and live forever.”

Evidence based means that the primal laws have been created based on decades of research AND THEY CONTINUE TO EVOLVE as the science evolves.

One of the reasons why, as a nurse, I embrace Primal is because as the science continues to develop and we learn more about our DNA and how our systems function optimally, the recommendations and teachings evolve too.

Okay, enjoy this quick rundown on the Primal Laws and explanation about what the Primal Lifestyle is all about.

oh, and because folks will ask, the t-shirt says “i can’t adult today, please don’t make me adult” and I got it at Brooklyn Backroom –¬†

and if you want to learn more about Primal Living, start with the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

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