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I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Never have. Not because I’m against them, but for me, when I want to make a change, I tend to start immediately. So while I absolutely understand the excitement about a clean slate and a bright 365 days ahead of you, I also appreciate taking immediate action on ideas and habit change.

A few years ago, I read an article by the inspiring Christine Kane about choosing a word of the year. She had an exercise to help you choose your word. I don’t remember if I ever did the exercise, but I did embrace the practice.

As the end of the year approaches, I look ahead to the upcoming year and the theme that I want to embrace. Last year my word was “hustle,” and while there were several days (ahem… weeks) where I felt to f-ing old to be hustling my ass off, it was absolutely the year of hustle. I had big goals and aspirations and knew I was going to have to work hard, and virtually non-stop, to make my ideas a reality.

As I let go of “hustle” and look ahead, I thought about where I wanted my world to take me and the word that nestled into my brain was “explore.” Ahhhh, I love this word and it so resonates with where I am right now. Explore feels like a path that can be both outward — exploring places, opportunities, ideas, and practices — as well as an inward process of exploring mindset, self, emotions, intentions, motivations and so on. I’m REALLY looking forward to 2019!

First things first, I did a bit of digging online and I found Christine’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool. You can find it here – It’s a free download. (You’ll be signed up for her email list. She’s a business coach and f-ing brilliant so if you own a business, you may love her and if you don’t, she’s still brilliant and full of wonderful ideas and practices. And you can always unsubscribe if her content isn’t valuable to you.)

You Don’t Need the Tool

Think about what you want to embrace in the year ahead. Sit with this thought and let it rest in your mind. Don’t force the word to happen, let it come to you. Be open and receptive. You might journal about what you want for your life in the upcoming year. Maybe you want balance, vitality, joy, strength, a shit ton of cash, whatever. No judgement here.

Benefits of a Word of the Year

It gives your actions, pursuits, and goals a path and a reason. When you create a word of the year it’s like a personal theme, but less cheesy. It creates a foundation or a guideline for your actions. It’s a gentle approach to self-improvement.

It’s empowering and motivating. It feels really good when you find your word for the year. It feels motivating, empowering, and freeing. It releases the constraints that a hard-set goal or resolution may have, and instead provides a foundation that resonates with you.

Give it a try. If you’re looking for direction or motivation or you want to try something new to help you tackle 2019 in a new and more powerful way, try setting a word of the year. And share your word with me. I’d love to hear it, and the reason why you chose it.

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