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What does the word renegade mean to you?

In the dictionary it is defined as a “deserter from one faith, course, or allegiance, to another.”


At first glance that sounds kind of bad to me. Like a traitor, right?

But looking at it more closely, specifically the last part, “from one course to another.”

Means that beliefs have probably changed, right?

You no longer believe in something because you’ve learned grown and had experiences that shifted your beliefs.

That’ s what we’re supposed to do.

If we never question our beliefs, we never learn and grow. We never discover.

I embrace Renegade because I’m a huge fan of questioning and looking for insight, answers, and the opinions and experiences of others.

As a nurse, I embrace the word Renegade, because I believe that the traditional systems have failed us in many ways.

***Our traditional medical system doesn’t focus enough on prevention. Doctors don’t have time, nor the training, to listen to their patients and instead often throw a pill at them, share a few platitudes, and rush to the next patient. It sucks. We all, doctors included, deserve more.

***Our governmental institutions including the FDA and the USDA, department of Agriculture, who creates the My Plate recommendations, they’re shit. I’m sorry. They’re so financially biased that Americans are being shortchanged.

**There’s no personalized approach to medicine or nutrition. You are different from me and that needs to be addressed in everything from sleep to exercise and nutrition. We’re not all the same. Our health needs are different. Lifestyle recommendations need to be based on that.

So yes, I question these institutions and guidelines and I’ve moved forward.

I believe in a primal and paleo approach to nutrition. I believe in functional medicine and personalized nutrition. I believe in prevention.

I am a renegade and I encourage you to be one too.

Question your beliefs. Why do you believe what you believe? Where does the belief come from? Is it true?

  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Test
  • Change
  • Evolve



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