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WTF is a BAS?

In the keto world there’s a phrase that’s used to describe a daily meal. It’s the BAS or Big Ass Salad. Now this isn’t any ordinary salad. It’s a salad that is packed with an assortment of veggies, some protein, and a healthy dose of primal/paleo approved salad dressing. (This usually means the dressing is made with avocado oil.

What I Like about the BAS – And I’m not Keto

I love the big ass salad because it’s a healthy way to make sure I get my veggies every day.

  • It ensures that my leftovers don’t’ go to waste because you can put just about anything on a BAS
  • It’s packed with nutrients and fiber
  • There’s just enough protein. I generally try to add about 3-4 ounces of leftover chicken, beef, pork, or even tuna fish.
  • I can douse it with my favorite dressing, which is Primal Kitchen Ranch right now
  • I can enjoy variety
  • I never have the same salad twice.

Two days ago…

Chicken, apple, pecans, primal honey mustard dressing


Chicken, bacon, avocado, green onion and primal ranch


Roasted onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and hamburger with ranch

It’s easy. I don’t love to cook. And it’s tasty. It’s filling. And I know that I’m getting my veggies.

Start adding a BAS to your lunchtime routine at least twice a week and see how you feel.

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