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Most of us live in a world where we get to make our own decisions. We’re not in prison or being held captive. We get to choose what we watch on television, if we watch television, what we wear, who we talk to, how we engage, if we get off the couch today, if we go to work, how we behave and interact at work, what we eat, and what we think.

We decide everything, even our thoughts.

It’s both a terrifying revelation and an empowering one.

Terrifying because…shit, maybe the decisions you’ve made today aren’t ones that you really wanted to make but empowering because you made them which also means you can make different ones.

You are in complete control over what you think, say, and do.

That means when you eat that piece of chocolate that’s sitting on top of the microwave, like I just did, you’re making a decision. When you have a salad for lunch instead of a hot dog you’re making a decision. When you head out the front door even though you’d much rather stay inside and you get your steps in today you’re making a choice.

Embrace this power that you have, the power of choice.

Not everyone has it.

Not everyone can afford it.

If you do have it, wield it with pride and gratitude.

Happy Monday!

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